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Our Heritage

About Worship Shelby Williams Company

Shelby Williams began as a hospitality furniture manufacturer in 1952. Since that time, we have helped businesses, colleges and places of worship create environments with a strong sense of identity helping communicate their core values. Today we operate in Newport, TN with 400,000 square feet of production space and a team of workers with an average tenure of 25 years. The factory in Newport, TN is located in a government recognized Hub zone, so you can feel good that you are providing work for 200 of the most qualified and experienced furniture makers in the world. Augmenting our US operation in a global supply chain allows us to provide unprecedented options and price points.

Worship by Shelby Williams is different than the typical church vendor. While we are a furniture manufacturer, we are truly an environments company, offering a broad spectrum of products designed to bring comfort and enjoyment to your space for many years. Finishes, fabrics and products work together making it easy to specify the exact look and feel you are hoping to convey to your congregation.

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